Our Services are not limited to cookie cutters only – we also do 3D printing of various items!

Just to mention a few of the 3D prints we can do:
* Cookie Cutters

* Cake Toppers
* Kids Toys
* Christmas Ornaments
* Grips
* Jars
* and so much more!

If you need a plastic item made with our 3D printers – simply send us an email on mel@fusionsc.co.za and we will confirm if we can print that specific design for you!

How it works:
We use 3D printers to create 3D printed objects using a corn made Filament – which means the product is also food save and not harmful to the environment. The printers melt the Filament to create the 3D object.

How long does it take:
Orders normally take 3-7 working days – depending on how busy the machines are at the moment

Do we keep stock:
No – all our products are made on order only.

How to place an order:
You can order online from our shop – or you can email your order to mel@fusionsc.co.za

Size of orders:
We also do bulk orders for company’s – as we have more than 1 printer we can handle bulk. Yes, you do get a little discount if you order Bulk.

We do ship orders all over South Africa. We use Pudo – as its a cost effective and faster way to ship our products safely. Shipping cost is a flat rate of R85.00


Stay updated with our current projects – visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fusioncookiecutters